Branko Vlahović

VLAHOVIĆ, Branko, sculptor, pedagogue, lecturer (Bjelovar, 9/1/1924 – Zagreb, 11/10/1979). He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1951 in the classes of Prof G. Antunac and V. Radauš. He completed the postgraduate study program in 1953 in the class of Prof F. Kršinić. His sculptures were deprived of narration as he explored geometrical shapes akin to architecture. His works from 1968-1968 include dynamic objects with cuboid volumes, metaphysically derived symmetry and asymmetry and strong, sharp edges. He produced pieces in tin, wood and plaster. He worked with analytical, primary and minimalist sculpture. He exhibited in Croatia and abroad and his works are held in museums in Croatia and worldwide.


Branko Vlahović, 'Skulptura XXIV', 1966. g, 400x278x222 mm Cijena na upit