ROJE, Željko Filip, writer, artist, filmmaker (Sarajevo, 1948 – Ukraine, 1996). He lived and worked in Split for the majority of time. He was one of the cofounders of A Fraction of the Red Peristyle and other art groups. He was the author of the manifesto entitled “Šest stranice grupe Crveni Peristil” published in Vidici, issues 1 and 2. He worked with experimental film and belonged to the film club in Split. He participated in several actions produced by A Fraction of the Red Peristyle group (Crveno more, Crveni put…). The more relevant books he published include Omeđenost from 1966 and Agent from 1969. He worked with visual poetry, theater and body art. He staged both group- and solo artists’ actions. /V.D.T./


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