The 3.14 Gallery is a dynamic project with the purpose of affirming the avant-garde objectives of the first, second and third avant-garde movements, the 1970’s innovations in Croatian art and the New Art Practice with all its accompanying phenomena, movements and individuals, the outsiders and the forgotten ones, the newly found phenomena dating from the 1930’s to the present day, including the Gorgona group, the EXAT 51 group, the New Tendencies art movement, experimental film, the Musical biennale manifestation and other instances emerged on the territories of countries in transition and newly formed countries of the region.

The gallery represents the basic cell within an expanded system by corresponding to its associates and individuals, museum institutions, the Croatian Copyright Agency, the Studio E, the Croatian Association of Fine Artists as well as other interested legal and natural entities and the No-Art collection within the Anti-museum, encompassing both the deceased and living artists.

As the single specialized gallery of its kind, both within the region and beyond, actively following art in all of its notional forms, the gallery puts forward the concept that includes art trade, space rent, the loan of its acquisitions to be put to use in movie and theatre production, the enrichment of museum collections and the organization of art auctions, problematic exhibitions and education. At the same time, the gallery provides the analyses of financial and art-historical evaluation of artwork, attestation developed through collaboration with competent experts from all fields of Croatian and international art and design and the protection of authorship, the increase of share capital through artwork and valuables, projects, intellectual ownership, the transfer of knowledge, innovations and patents, the stimulation of companies’ capital increase through artwork and valuables ownership using appropriate investments in art and artwork, projects and consultations on interior and exterior design, all under guaranteed legal protection.

The functioning model of the gallery includes a dynamic permanent exhibition, a museum shop, an art depot, an art shop, the organization of four auctions for four seasons – both in interior and exterior, exhibitions portraying the avant-garde events as lesser known phenomena from the Croatian art history as well as the contemporary art occurrences. The 3.14 Gallery seeks out a new functioning mode within the current system of artistic activity and art business.

The gallery has artwork by 40-odd authors to offer, including namely Branko Vlahović, Tomislav Gotovac, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Duje Jurić, Ivan Lesiak, Mladen and Sven Stilinović, Božidar Jelinić, Željko Jerman, Boris Demur, Fedor Vučemilović, Slobodan Vuličević, Vlado Martek, Ivan Posavac, Goran Trbuljak, Braco Dimitrijević, Marina Abramović, Marijan Jevšovar, Ilija Šoškić, Marijan Molnar, Koča Popović, a fraction of the Crveni Peristil art group, Vladimir Dodig Trokut, Dubravka Rakoci, Goran Petercol, Ivan Kožarić, Dejan Jokanović and others.

The wide offer also includes various publications, artist books, invitations, art postcards, posters and photographs.