GALETA, Ivan Ladislav, artist, multimedia artist, theoretician, filmmaker, innovator (Vinkovci, 5/9/1947 – Zagreb, 1/7/2014). He graduated from the Teachers’ Academy in Zagreb in 1969. From 1977 to 1985, he was at the head of the Centre for multimedia research at the Student Centre in Zagreb. He was the founder and program editor at the Filmoteka 16 “artKINO”. He was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb from 1993 to his retirement. Actively creating since the 1960’s, his innovative work was identified as belonging to the New Art Practice movement. He worked in experimental film, video art, metaphysical art and devised tractates and lectures. He held a number of exhibitions and actions in the former Yugoslavia region and beyond. His works are held in museums in Croatia and worldwide.

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Ivan Ladislav Galeta-Vladimir Dodig Trokut-B.S, 'Sapun s tavana iz tavankuta', 1985.g, trojni rad Cijena na upit

Ivan Ladislav Galeta