KNIFER, Julije, painter (Osijek, 4/23/1924 – Paris, 11/7/2004). He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1951 – 1956). He was the cofounder and member of the Gorgona art group (1959), also close to the New Tendencies art movement (1961). In his artistic expression, he reached for minimalism, purism and cubism (Drawings and a series of Self-protraits, 1949 – 1951). In 1959 and 1960, he produced a minimalist meander form with using an entirely reduced expression, reduced to a monotonous rhythm of continuing form relating black and white, resulting in a unique oeuvre of paintings and drawings. He created a number of ambient spatial designs using meander (Tübingen, 1975 and Zagreb, 1979, 1987). He illustrated the poem The Rhein by F. Hölderin (Neu Isenburg, 1984). He held solo exhibitions at the Venice Biennale (1976, 2001), Trigon in Graz (1077) and the São Paolo Biennale (1979, 1981). His works were included in the exhibition presenting 125 masterpieces of Croatian art, marking 125 years of the Croatian Association of Fine Arts. He was awarded the Vladimir Nazor award for lifetime achievement in 2002. He held exhibitions in Croatia and worldwide and his works are held in museums, private and public collections and foundations in Croatia and worldwide.


Julije Knifer