POPOVIĆ, Koča, writer, surrealist, publicist, Doctor of Philosophy, diplomat, politician, national hero, commander in the former Yugoslavian army, dissident-opponent (Belgrade, 3/14/1908 – Belgrade, 10/20/1992). He studied philosophy at the Sorbonne. He belonged to the Parisian company of surrealists (Breton, Tristan Tzara, Balla, Marko Ristić, Micić, Poljanski and others). In 1937, he went to Spain to fight in their civil war. Upon his return to Yugoslavia, he abandoned the strictly surrealist position and sided with the concept of “new realism”, which employed literature as the means of fighting for social justice. He published a number of books, manifestos, publications and artist’s books, as well as film critiques. He started several surrealist magazines. His artistic expression included collage, anti-poems (OVDJE OTVORITI, Pjesma II, Bog Janus etc.). In 1968, he was the cofounder of A Fraction of the Red Peristyle group together with Božidar Jelinić, Neven Šegvić, Pavle Dulčić and Vladimir Dodig Trokut. He expressed himself using actions, agitations and public space interventions, both individually and as a member of art groups. His works are held in museums worldwide and in the No-art collection of the Anti-museum. /V.D.T./

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