BRAJNOVIĆ, Marčelo, artist, visionary, prophet (Rovinjsko Selo, 6/22/1934). He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb. He lived and studied in Italy. He is the most significant surrealist in Croatian art. Using various approaches ranging from chromatic, anachronistic, post-surrealist to meta-surrealist, his works contain metaphysical elements and quotes from religious scriptures, immediately conveying his visions. He is the representative of visionary surrealism in Croatian painting. In his more recent work marked with post-modernism, narrative art and minimalism, he produces installations, ambient and cabinets of curiosities (The War for Harmagedon, 2000). He creates installations, performance art, video recordings and writings and he is the cofounder of art colonies in Rovinj (Grizija). He has exhibited in Croatia and abroad. His works are held in museums and collections in Croatia and worldwide.


Marčelo Brajnović
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