Stjepan Vrbanec

VRBANEC, Stjepan, dowser, artist, performer, healer. He creates cosmogonist writings executed on surfaces using direct calligraphy for immediate transcription channeled from a recognizable, distinctive artistic expression. His works are most often created using two felt pens, a golden and silver one, signifying the alchemic oeuvre, argenta astra. They form an unknown cosmogonist language of planets and extraterrestrial civilizations, who Vrbanec communicates with as their medium. His fish planets are paintings with a simplistic artistic expression, and his sculptures are condensers – energetic forms, grids, tools for the creation of mystical content, enigmas and symbols. Drawing on giant pumpkins, burning them and notching, his work makes him a unique outsider and non-artist within non-art and primordial art. His entire oeuvre falls under the category of narrative art, metaphysical, occult and hermetic creativity. He has exhibited in museums and galleries. His works are held in private collections and international foundations and museums. /V.D.T./


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