BEBIĆ, Toma, multidisciplinary artist, journalist, publicist, poet, aphorism writer, songwriter, performer, signer, composer, navy officer (Split, 11/6/1935 – Split 2/4/1990). He worked with body art from early on in his career (Štoperica 24 sekunde, Naklon, Glasovir za kornjače together with V. D. Trokut, Jahanje na devi together with V. D. Trokut, Homage to George Orwell, 1984, Loptica poskočica, Kum, 1974, together with Stipišić). His more significant songs include Leute moj, Stari kapetan, Marčelina, Nevera, Tu-tu auto, Vrag ti piz odnija and Oya Noya. He published a book of aphorisms enitled Volite se ljudožderi and books of poetry entitled U sakatu vremenu and Tata-ratata-bum. He is the author of a number of LPs and two albums Volite se ljudožderi and Oya Noya. From 1968, he was a member of A Fraction of the Red Peristyle art group, and from 1969, a member of the 3i art group. Within these groups, he staged a number of public and private performances and artists’ actions in public urban spaces (Split, Trgori, Omiš, Sarajevo, Skenderija – Manifesto 72). He ennobled music by introducing traditional elements, ethnomusicology in synthesis with contemporary elements (choir singing with elements of opera, rock and disco music). He contributed to the parapsychological and psychotropic explorations and the creation of the Laboratory of wonders together with V. D. Trokut, as well as to individual versions of post-conceptual black-it art. /V.D.T./

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Toma Bebić

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