ČALETA, Toma, artist, poet, photographer, preacher (Klis, 1947 – Split, 1976). He was active in the Red Peristyle art group, taking part in the action of painting the Split peristyle red, in A Fraction of the Red Peristyle group and in the 3i art group, contributing with his public space interventions (Crveno more, Crvena nit, Propovjednik I, II, Crveni fratar, Odvlačenje Dioklecijanove palače u more and others), his agitations, body art and ambient – a cabinet of curiosities (K2 in 1970, Istarska 24, Studio slobodne misli). He created interventions in photographs, collages, objects and dual artworks with other member of the Red Peristyle group. In 1976, he committed suicide by jumping of a 13-floor high-rise with a sign “I am an artist” hanging from his neck. As one of the members of the Red Peristyle group, he belonged to the New Art Practice movement. /V.D.T./

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