DODIG, Vladimir – Trokut, artist and art collector (Kranj, 4/4/1949). The founder of world’s first Anti-museum, freelance museum curator, mystic and clairvoyant. He was active in the Red Peristyle art group from Split from 1968. He is the informal founder of several art groups (A fraction of the Red Peristyle group, 3i, “Grupa 30”, Manifest ’72, “Grupa ABC”, “Atributivna participacija” art group cofounded with Dark Schneider and Harald Szeemann). He has enriched the research of post-object and conceptual art with elements from extrasensory experiences (kabbalah). He has exhibited the collection of rejected objects with significant artistic and documentary value (the Anti-museum). His works were included in the exhibition presenting 125 masterpieces of Croatian art, marking 125 years of the Croatian Association of Fine Arts. He has held solo exhibitions and actions in Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana and other cities. His works are held in museums and private collections worldwide. He was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the Croatian Association of Fine Arts in 2014. /D.SCH/

Vladimir Dodig Trokut

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