KRISTL, Vladimir, artist, professor, animator (Zagreb, 1/24/1923 – Munich, 7/7/2004). He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1949. He lived in France, Belgium, and Chile and from 1962 in Germany. He is the cofounder of the EXAT-51 art group. In his early paintings, he used concise, geometrical elements to create compositions. In his 1959 series Pozitiv i negativ, he further reduced the elements of paintings by sometimes applying only white coloration. In his later pieces, he embraced a figurative expression with strong political commitment. He is one of the champions of the Zagreb school of animated film. His more relevant works in animation include The Theft of Pearls and The Piece of Shagreen Leather (collaboration with I. Vrbanić), characterized by simplified schematic figures. In 1961, he created a contemporary animation masterpiece, the film Don Kihot, in which the characters and object were reduced to dynamically animated pictograms. Due to his film The General and the Real Human Being (1962), he got banned and left Zagreb for Germany, where he further work on animated and feature films (Der Damm, 1964, Film oder Macht, 1970, Die Schule der Postmoderne, 1990, Elektromobil, 1991). His films were awarded at festivals in Cork, Belgrade, Vancouver and Oberhausen. He won a number of awards for his films and art. His works are held in museums in Croatia and worldwide.


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